CBS is Developing That Honeymooners Reboot You Always Wanted

TV News The Honeymooners
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The Honeymooners is undoubtedly a classic sitcom. Its influence has been felt far and wide on multi-camera sitcoms as popular as Friends, The Cosby Show and Seinfeld. You could argue, then, that The Honeymooners doesn’t need to be explicitly rebooted. After all, it is a paragon of the sitcom form that has been reimagined many times over. Even so, rebooting it is precisely what CBS plans to do.

THR reports that the network has plans to reboot the Jackie Gleason-starring show. According to THR, the new show will focus on “two couples—best friends and neighbors like the original—who contend with a new dynamic when one couple remarries after divorcing four years earlier.”

The showrunner of ABC’s recent reboot of The Muppets, Bob Kushell, is set to write the pilot script. Kushell will also executive-produce alongside Carl Beverly, Sarah Timberman, Eric and Kim Tannenbaum, and Jeff Greenstein. Personally, we’re anxiously awaiting the announcement of an I Love Lucy remake, which should surely hit TVs before 2020.