Arcade Fire’s (Fake) Late Show Rider Is Hilarious

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Arcade Fire’s (Fake) Late Show Rider Is Hilarious

Arcade Fire are very committed to their sassy new act to promote their latest album Everything Now. In preparation for their appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert tomorrow, the band’s team sent over a list of hilarious requirements on their rider, including a package of vegan hotdogs (“NO OTHER FOOD OR DRINK”) and a request that no one talk to band member Richard Reed Parry, even if he speaks to you first. The rider was posted on the Late Show’s Twitter, along with the caption, “What a bunch of tools…”

Arcade Fire most definitely seem to be in on the joke, but some Twitter users are not. One user writes, “FIVE songs!? Have they watched any late night show on any network?”

Another user writes, “Oh my gosh have my puppies on they are less trouble and can get paid in kibble.” We’re not going to lie—that idea is kind of enticing.

The band responded with their own tweet, adding to the hilarity.

The fake rider isn’t Arcade Fire’s first, and despite its outlandish requests, it’s also not the most out-there rider we’ve ever seen. Jack White‘s rider was leaked by The University of Oklahoma in 2015, revealing that the rocker requires homemade guacamole in his dressing room, complete with a complex recipe and special instruction to “SAVE THE PITS” of the avocados to keep the dip fresh. Shoutout to the many venue interns who made that guac at Jack White shows.

While most of the Internet continues to not understand Arcade Fire‘s self-deprecating sense of humor, some Twitter responders do get it.

What a quinceañera that must have been. Read our review of Everything Now here and check out our list of the 15 best Arcade Fire songs right here.

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