Ivanka Trump May Be Called up in House Dems’ Russia Probe

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Ivanka Trump May Be Called up in House Dems’ Russia Probe

The House Democrats’ extensive investigation into President Trump’s connections with Russia may ask for testimony from Ivanka Trump, Axios reports. Although the Dems have “made no decision as to Ivanka Trump” yet, a Democratic member of Congress told reporters that her influential role as one of her father’s confidants may mean she is targeted. The lawmaker in question said that “obviously there are a number of public reports about her involvement in the Trump Tower Moscow deal, and she may very well have relevant information.”

Ivanka (using her first name to distinguish her from her father, not out of sexism, because like Ivanka, we are feminists) has taken an atypically prominent role in policy-shaping for a First Daughter. Her role as a White House senior adviser stinks of nepotism. It adds up that the House majority suspects the possible wannabe future president of possessing knowledge that may prove useful.

The lawmaker said the probe, which is running in addition to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, will also focus on “the issue of potential Gulf money … the second-largest area of concern after Russia.”

”[T]hey may be distinct but overlapping when it comes to, for example, funding the inauguration,” they continued, per Axios. “There may have been efforts to illegally funnel Russian money as well as Gulf money.” The member of Congress also cited “public reports of seeking to get money in the Gulf to support a clandestine social media effort to help the Trump campaign.”

We’re curious to see how this shakes out—after all, it’ll be the first time asking, “Do you know who my father is?” will work against Ivanka.

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