Old School FPS Ion Maiden Getting Multiplayer Mode in 2019, Founder’s Edition Announced

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Old School FPS Ion Maiden Getting Multiplayer Mode in 2019, Founder’s Edition Announced

Ion Maiden, the old-school-styled first-person shooter for the makers of Duke Nukem 3D and the original Prey, is getting a multiplayer mode in 2019, according to developer 3D Realms. Ion Maiden was released on Steam’s Early Access platform in February 2018. In their announcement, 3D Realms mentions that the game was pushed back from its original Q3 release date in order to ensure the best experience for all their fans.

They hope to make up for the delay by adding the newly announced multiplayer mode, as well as a Founder’s Edition. The announcement of the game’s multiplayer mode is good news for those who purchased the game on Early Access, as they will get first access to the multiplayer beta when it releases close to launch. Early Access players will also get 10 percent off of the $99.99 Founder’s Edition of the game.

Frederick Schreiber, Vice President of 3D Realms had this to say about the delay:

We wanted Ion Maiden out as soon as possible, but it has to be the best it can be. But this extra time means we can make this awesome Big Box edition and add multiplayer at launch, so we hope players understand.

Limited to only 500 copies, the Ion Maiden Founder’s Edition mimics the game’s own old-school aesthetic and style. The game comes in a ‘90s-style big box with a bunch of goodies and the game on a floppy disk that connects to your PC via a retractable USB cable.

Players can expect the following inside the special edition of the game:

– 6’’ Bombshell Figurine
Ion Maiden’s Original Soundtrack
Ion Maiden Mousepad
– Key Art Poster
– Bowling Bomb Stickers
– Lanyard
– 3 1:1 Scale Key Card Magnets
– A “Coming Soon from 3D Realms” Catalogue Highlighting Exciting Upcoming Projects

The Founder’s Edition is now available for preorder on Ion Maiden’s website, with a real-time counter marking down how many copies are left. They’re going fast: As of this writing, there are only 374 copies remaining. Players can still play the Early Access version of the game by going to Ion Maiden’s Steam page, where it is available for $19.99. The full version of Ion Maiden is expected to release in early 2019.

Watch the Founder’s Edition trailer below to see all the collectible items that come with the game.

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