Revisit Snipperclips in This Adorable Launch Trailer for Snipperclips Plus

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Revisit Snipperclips in This Adorable Launch Trailer for Snipperclips Plus

Nintendo and indie developer SFB’s Switch eShop darling Snipperclips is heading to stores. Snipperclips Plus: Cut It Out, Together! is an updated version of the original $20 sleeper-hit puzzle game, containing three new worlds, and new competitive and cooperative activities.

The original game had two to four players cut each other into different shapes to solve puzzles—think of it as a family-friendly, sideview version of Portal. The trailer (above) details many of the additions in Plus, with new worlds “Cosmic Comics” and “Toybox Tools” adding brand new and diverse co-op levels. Battle Mode and Party Mode, which vary up the snipping and clipping gameplay by adding cooperative or competitive objectives (such as simply cutting up the other players into submission) receive new stages. Stamp Mode allows players to create their own pieces of art to upload to social media. Finally, the expansion allows for players to play the original levels, but spawning as different shapes each time, adding to the challenge.

Snipperclips Plus was announced in September during a Nintendo Direct, and will retail for $30 at stores and on the online eShop. Owners of the original game can purchase the new content as DLC for $10. If you haven’t tried the game out on the Nintendo Switch yet, we certainly recommend it, as it made our list of the 10 best Switch games. Meanwhile, we hope to see Snip and Clip cut some fools up in future Super Smash Bros. installments.

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