This Is What League of Legends Would Look Like in the 90s

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This Is What League of Legends Would Look Like in the 90s

League of Legends has one of the most dedicated communities online today. The open arena fighting game can get heated and contentious during battles. One YouTuber by the name of rizenvisual has decided to spoof the abrasive nature of League of Legends fans in a new spoof trailer of the popular title. He combines two of gaming’s most sentimental attributes, binge playing and nostalgia for old technology, for a memorable ode to the early years of online gaming.

In the trailer, we are taken back in time 20 years to the ‘90s. A teenage boy has received his first copy of LoL on floppy disk. He inserts his disk, dials up his internet service and uses the power of the world wide web to play with users across the globe. In actuality, the video glamorizes the old technology. In the ‘90s, a game like LoL would have come in a box set with multiple floppy disks; the player would have spent more time dialing up his internet connection than playing the game and the highly pixelated image would have rendered a barely discernible arena for player-on-player combat. Still, the video has all the necessary hyperbole of a ‘90s-themed advertisement. We imagine the game would have been marketed in a similar manner. We can just picture the late nights of gaming online with empty bottles of Surge scattered across the floor. We can dream, can’t we?

Check out the fan-made trailer above.

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