Amnesia: The Dark Descent
(PC, Mac)

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<em>Amnesia: The Dark Descent</em><br> (PC, Mac)

You're going to die.

Whispered in the darkness, those four premonitory words distill the essence of fear. You are not dead yet—the horror lurks just outside of your vision, and you have not yet fallen beneath its claws. But you are going to die, and so this nightmare of terrible anticipation draws longer and longer with no end in sight. Crouching paralyzed in a corner, staring at the floor; knowing that any stray movement or sound could spell your doom, wishing it would just be over. You're going to die, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent was developed by Frictional Games and is available on PC and Mac via steam and direct download. The Mac version of the game was reviewed.

Kirk Hamilton is a musician and writer in San Francisco. He can be found at and on Twitter @kirkhamilton.

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