Exclusive: Derek Webb Stresses "You Are Enough" on New Single "All of Me is Here"

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Exclusive: Derek Webb Stresses "You Are Enough" on New Single "All of Me is Here"

No matter what life throws at him, Derek Webb still seems to find constant sources of inspiration. After a tour for 2017 album Fingers Crossed that unfolded largely in the living rooms of fans, the singer/songwriter/rocker managed to come to terms with what he had dubbed “a tale of two divorces,” referring to both the end of a marriage and the deconstruction of his Christian faith. It was a trying time, but also the seed of strength: In his lowest moments, Webb found the source that would become tenth solo album, TARGETS.

“There’s a great relief and personal satisfaction that comes with finding the end of your grief around a particular season, when you’ve really put in the time and learned all you could and come out on the other side,” Webb said. “I was suddenly feeling a completely different energy, seeing new colors when I looked at the world. TARGETS is the soundtrack for the world as I see it and wish to see it. It’s a defiantly joyous rock & roll album about love and unbelief and everything you find on the other side of grief.”

Today, Paste is happy to share a lyric video for the second single from that upcoming album (out Feb. 21, 2020), the upbeat rock tune “All of Me is Here.” It’s an instantly catchy banger of a track, with a driving snare beat, crunchy guitars and subtle keys complementing Webb’s impassioned vocals. It also functions as a polemic against those who would suggest that your life is missing something it needs to be complete.

Describing the track, Webb said the following:

“All of Me is Here” has one simple message: You are enough. Like pretty much all of the songs on TARGETS, it’s a defiantly joyous song about finding everything that’s on the other side of grief & hard times. From wealth to religion to social media or career status, whatever anyone’s trying to convince you will give you meaning or make you whole, you just look them in the face and sing, “all of me, all of me, all of me is here.”

Pre-orders for TARGETS on limited edition vinyl are already active, which you can check out by clicking here. The album arrives Feb. 21, 2020—the latest in a remarkably prolific career that has also included nine albums with Caedmon’s Call since 1994.

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