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UPDATE: We’ve officially hired a new Assistant Books & Comics Editor! To everyone who applied—thank you for your enthusiasm and for supporting Paste!

In our never-ending quest to amend passive sentences, generate Pulitzer-winning content and break the internet in half (in that order), we’re currently seeking the skills of a part-time, remote Assistant Books & Comics Editor.

The Details
Pay: $300/month

Job Description: The Assistant Books & Comics Editor will both assign new content and edit pieces assigned by other editors. The ideal candidate will also help write intriguing, timely lists, reviews, features, galleries and news items concerning books and comics. In addition to the monthly stipend, any writing the Assistant Books & Comics Editor contributes will be paid on a per-piece bassis.

Requirements: You have a bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism or a similar field, or you are currently studying for one. The first thing you did out of the womb was grapple for the nurse’s trashy romance novel, allured by the intoxicating aroma of pulp and ink. The second thing you did was fling the nurse’s trashy romance novel away, because you had excellent taste for a newborn (as well as freakishly strong baby arms). You can rattle off the biggest books debuting in 2015, have devoured Craig Thompsen’s Blankets or Art Spiegelman’s Maus and have actively edited for another site or publication. Your a quick worker who can write conversationally, edit for style/grammar and generate ideas for features, lists and galleries without opening Chrome. Availability in the morning and familiarity with basic CMS preferred.

To apply, email the following attachments or links to [email protected]:
– Resume
– Cover letter
– Three writing clips published over the last year
– Three typos you found in the above copy

Although Paste is based in the U.S., writers of all nationalities are welcome to apply.

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