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Pray for this book

Me of Little Faith falls somewhere between satire and memoir into a deeply unfunny place usually called the remainder shelf.

In this follow up to 2005’s Nothing’s Sacred, Lewis Black—the man most likely to have an aneurysm as part of his Daily Show cameos—pokes fun at religions of all stripes (well, mostly Judaism and Christianity), while rattling off a few anecdotes about growing up as a reformed Jew in the D.C. suburbs, coming of age at UNC Chapel Hill and traveling around the country as an apoplectic standup comic.

“God wasn’t really present in our daily lives,” Black writes of his D.C. childhood, “Lucky break for him, he wouldn’t have liked my mother’s food.” Heh.

Similarly half-baked one-liners follow, mixed with some pithy observations about Jerry Falwell and the Maharishi. Black steers clear of skewering Islam, probably because somewhere along the line he realized it wasn’t worth risking a fatwa for such a mediocre mish-mash.

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