Nick Offerman Eats Raccoon in an Exclusive Clip from Twain's Feast

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Nick Offerman Eats Raccoon in an Exclusive Clip from <i>Twain's Feast</i>

You know Mark Twain the celebrated author, but do you know Mark Twain the glutton?

Nick Offerman, with the assistance of a chef and some friends, “presents the story of Twain’s life through the lens of eight of Twain’s favorite foods” in a new Audible Original. Titled Twain’s Feast, the audiobook uses the author’s life as a springboard to explore America’s culinary and ecological history—and to sample some amazing dishes along the way.

With Andy Beahrs’ book of the same name as a guide, Beahrs and Offerman “take documentary excursions across America, illuminating each dish and bringing to life a broad sampling of Twain’s writing.” We have an exclusive clip from one such excursion, in which Offerman eats raccoon for the first time. Listen below to find out if he’s a fan:

Audible members can get Twain’s Feast for free today as part of the Originals Member Benefit, in which members can choose two audiobooks from a collection of six titles on the first Friday of every month. You can view November’s six options here.

Non-members can purchase Twain’s Feast for $8.95 here.