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Like Plimpton? You’ll mostly like Plimpton 2.0

Wall Street Journal sportswriter and NPR commentator Stefan Fatsis sets out to personally discover the workings of a militaristic, multimillion-dollar industry that treats human beings as living, breathing chattel: professional football.

But rather than simply report from the sidelines, Fatsis arranged in 2006 to attend the Denver Broncos pre-season training camp as a placekicker. He excels when detailing his often funny, sometimes painful personal journey to get in shape for the pre-season and his efforts to “fit in” as a kicker among the behemoths of the NFL.

Fatsis provides a wealth of information that will appeal to fans about contracts and salary caps, coaching philosophies and player psychology. But when it comes to delivering the inside skinny on the scandal-ridden, hype-driven NFL, Fatsis shanks it; he scores a touchdown, but misses the extra point.

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