William S. Burroughs Reads from Naked Lunch in New Recording, Let Me Hang You

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Khannibalism and Ernest Jennings Record Company have just announced the release date for a highly-anticipated album, called Let Me Hang You, featuring the late Beat generation artist and legendary postmodern author William S. Burroughs in a never-before-heard series of recordings, reading aloud from his seminal novel Naked Lunch with the accompaniment of King Khan and other acclaimed musicians.

The recording is now 20 years in the making, with Burroughs asked to record his favorite excerpts from Naked Lunch shortly before his death in 1997, and the album featured contributions from names like Bill Frisell and Wayne Horvitz before being abandoned until last year. Music producer Hal Willner, who has worked with household names such as Lou Reed and Tim Buckley, unearthed the incomplete project last year and partnered with Khan, who added his signature grit to the work, already plentiful in obscenity.

Described as “a collection of depraved genius straight from the godfather of punk’s very own mouth,” fans of Kerouac, Ginsberg and other writers of the ‘50s anti-establishment era will no doubt embrace this revival of Burroughs’ most famous and controversial work, now modernized and given additional edge.

Let Me Hang You is scheduled for release on July 15 and is now available for pre-order here. For full details surrounding the album’s inception, click here and take a look at the track listing below:

Let Me Hang You tracklist:

1. The Exterminator
2. Manhattan Serenade
3. Baboon
4. This You Gotta Hear
5. Disciplinary Procedure
6. The Afterbirth Tycoon
7. Leif The Unlucky
8. Let Me Hang You
9. Islam Inc.
10. The Queen Bee
11. Clem Snide
12. Gentle Reader
13. Quick