Colbert Bids Farewell to Christie and Fiorina on The Hungry For Power Games

Comedy Video
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Stephen Colbert dusted off his Stanley Tucci and pulled out a stuffed weasel to pay tribute to the latest candidates to drop out of the Republican race last night. Rick Santorum, Chris Christie, Carly Fiorina and Jim Gilmore (who is not a dog, apparently, but a human man) got the fallen treatment in the latest Hungry For Power Games, and although the comedy writers of America might have reason to worry about the mass exodus of this many walking punchlines, at least they still have Trump, Cruz, and the boys to thumb in the eye. You gotta think this segment will be winding down soon, though, with only eight candidates left—wait, there are still eight of these guys kicking? And one of these guys is a woman? There are two different parties? Don’t tell our politics editor, but we haven’t really been paying attention. Anyway, it’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday, but clearly we’re about to come to the end of the road for most of these candidates, so get in your Jeb japes and Bernie bon mots while you still can.