Watch Jesse Tyler Ferguson Sing Sia in an Exclusive Clip From Comedy Jam

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If only Allen Fawcett was around today! (He may be! Don’t tell us!) The host of 1980s syndicated treasure Puttin’ on the Hits would surely be pleased by how far and wide his show’s lip syncing seed has spread in the 21st century. Instead of those nobody herbs that show dredged up, though, the new crop of shows about people fake-singing other people’s songs focuses exclusively on famous people, or at least people you maybe saw on TV that one time.

Oh wait, they actually sing in Comedy Jam? Forget everything you just read, and Mr. Fawcett, we’re sorry for setting off your Google Alert.

Despite what you might think, Comedy Jam is not Comedy Central’s answer to (the cleverly named) Lip Sync Battle. This here is some legitimate karaoke from some of the best comedians and comic actors around, putting their own stamp on the hits of today and the past with the backing of a live rock band. So give them points for confidence, no matter how ill-advised it might be: these folks really are putting themselves out there, vocal cords and all, and not just dancing about in funny clothes to somebody else’s master track.

That video above is an example: Jesse Tyler Ferguson, from Modern Family, belts out Sia’s “Chandelier” (with the accompaniment of a dancing man) after telling a short story about his inner diva and not taking a backseat in life. He really goes for it. Check it out.

If you missed this week’s first episode, which aired on Wednesday night at 10 PM ET/PT, you missed Tiffany Haddish (of the excellent The Carmichael Show) kill Tina and Ike Turner’s version of “Proud Mary,” Chris Hardwick get help on “Wanted Dead or Alive” from Richie Sambora, and Bobby Lee gut his way through Rod Stewart’s “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy.” This week’s episode features Ferguson, Sam Richardson from Veep and Detroiters, and Awkwafina. Future episodes include Malin Akerman, Mark Colton Dunn, Mark Duplass, Fortune Feimster, Jay Pharoah and more, along with musicians like Natalie Maines, Chester Bennington, DMX, Scott Stapp and Kenny Loggins.

This Comedy Jam may not be “def,” but it’s definitely DEF!, or at least will make you wish you were deaf.

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