Desus & Mero Had the Best Response to the RNC

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Desus & Mero Had the Best Response to the RNC

Let’s roll the clock back a week. It shouldn’t be hard—time has been completely shapeless and meaningless for like six months now.

A week ago today people were still reacting to Donald Trump’s insane downer of an RNC speech from the night before. The RNC was still fresh in everybody’s minds, from the absurdity of having those racist St. Louis gun nuts on to talk about the “death” of the suburbs, to that one human legume who said “Donald John President,” to the sheer amount of cocaine that must have been Dysoned up by Don Jr. and his consort Kimberly Guilfoyle before their speeches. Get yourself back in that head space—before all the latest controversies and disasters of this week.

Are you there? Cool.

So Desus & Mero is still great. It can be a little off the radar since moving to Showtime, but it’s still the funniest and most vital political comedy show this side of John Oliver. And unsurprisingly Desus and Mero themselves had probably the most hilarious response to Guilfoyle’s insane tirade and Trump Jr.’s bleary-eyed plea for his father’s attention. It’s still worth watching today, even if it’s been a week. If you don’t have Showtime, like the rest of the world, you can at least catch up on most episodes of Desus & Mero on YouTube. It’s always hilarious and never feels nearly as dull or rigid as the network late night shows.

Check out the clip below. And remember, if you ever find yourself double-fisting diet Red Bull, seek help immediately.

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