The Funniest #BillionDollarLoser Tweets about Trump's Massive Losses

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The Funniest #BillionDollarLoser Tweets about Trump's Massive Losses

Is anybody surprised by the New York TImes report detailing Donald Trump’s hundreds of millions of dollars worth of losses in the 1980s and early ‘90s? He’s steadfastly refused to release any info about his finances since running for president, a huge break from tradition that basically screams that he’s not the slick, brilliant businessman he portrays in some people’s heads. Nope, he’s just a rich kid who blew through his inherited fortune while trying to build his name up into a brand. One of our most fraudulent presidents has again been revealed as a joke and a con artist, right when his administration is in the middle of gradually dismantling the Constitution. It’s awesome times in the old country tonight.

If you’re wondering why the hashtag #BillionDollarLoser is trending on Twitter, well, there you go. We’ve collected the funniest of those tweets below. Dude lost a cool billion in a decade, probably more than any American ever—no wonder he’s doing such a great job running this country!

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