Hari Kondabolu's Next Stand-up Special Premieres on Netflix on May 8

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Hari Kondabolu's Next Stand-up Special Premieres on Netflix on May 8

Hari Kondabolu’s new stand-up special finally has an official home and release date. Get ready to be shocked, but this increasingly prominent comedian’s next special will be exclusively available through something called Netflix. (Yeah, we don’t know, either.) Warn Your Relatives will start streaming on the thing on May 8, which, if you’re doing the calendar math, is exactly two weeks from today. So make sure that subscription is all up to date if you can’t wait to watch it.

Kondabolu announced the news today via Twitter, the preeminent website for comedians to announce new comedy specials and for sad men to harass women who disagree with them. Here’s the man’s tweet:

Kondabolu, of course, is the politically minded comic behind the sharp documentary The Problem with Apu, which showed how the stereotypical depiction of Apu from The Simpsons has seeped into our culture and impacted the lives of people with South Asian backgrounds, including Kondabolu himself. His stand-up also deals with issues involving racism and identity, along with other topics both political and personal, and how those two spheres so often overlap. If you haven’t seen any of his previous specials, or his appearances on shows like Conan and Jimmy Kimmel Live, you might want to search ‘em out. Or just wait until May 8 and let Warn Your Relatives be your introduction to the man. And if you want to read far more about him, we have a number of articles about him right here at Paste.