Is Jeb Bush an Existentially Tragic Character? Samantha Bee's Full Frontal Says "Probably"

Comedy Video
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This short mockumentary video on Jeb Bush, which aired last night on the eve of the New Hampshire primary, has just about everything you could want from the cinema of existential despair. A lonely shot of a man walking on a two-land road at night, holding a Jeb! sign? Check. Bush himself looking out at one of his own audiences, and saying, “pretty small crowd here” with all the enthusiasm of a man being led to his own execution? Check. Two local youths talking about how they’d like to kick him in the balls, and then peeling off in a pickup truck with a cheer for Donald Trump, ie the “black beast”? Check. A supporter describing him as a glass of milk? Check check check check.

Watch the pitch-perfect video above, which even includes a foreign title.