Watch Jennifer Lawrence Try to Out-Lie Jimmy Fallon (She Can't)

Comedy Video Jennifer Lawrence
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Being a professional actor basically means lying for money, so you’d expect someone like Jennifer Lawrence would be a pretty solid fibber. But the Hunger Games star struggled to maintain her poker face last night on a Tonight Show segment called “Box of Lies.” Luckily, her opponent in the box-based fibbing contest was Jimmy Fallon, a man who (let’s be honest) isn’t exactly known for his stage composure.

After examining the contents of a mystery box, the competitors were supposed to either tell the truth or lie about what they found inside. In practice, however, the game was mostly an excuse for Lawrence and Fallon to make up absurd objects and giggle. Check it out above, and see for yourself if “a Rubik’s cube inside Jell-O” is a real prop or just a figment of J-Law’s twisted mind.