The Best Biden Obama Memes

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The Best Biden Obama Memes

It doesn’t matter if this is the real Joe Biden: this is the Joe Biden America wants and the one we too infrequently deserve. The real man has earned a well-deserved rep as a blunt plain dealer (perhaps to compensate for that plagiarism scandal from 1988), and the internet long ago twisted that image into the fun-loving prankster that has propped up so many memes over the years. Now, with Biden and Obama’s time in office coming to a close, and somebody as frightening and buffoonish as Trump rising to power, the internet needs Meme Joe Biden more than ever. Here are the best of the recent spate of Biden / Obama memes, where the VP of our dreams has countless schemes to stick it to the incoming troll-in-chief.

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Oh Joe #obama #joebiden #biden #trump

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