Former Saturday Night Live Writer John Mulaney to Host SNL For the First Time

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Former <i>Saturday Night Live</i> Writer John Mulaney to Host <i>SNL</i> For the First Time

Comedian John Mulaney is a very busy man. He’s preparing for the next leg of his “Kid Gorgeous” stand-up tour, his new Netflix special John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous at Radio City is set to debut May 1 and he made his first on-camera appearance alongside Bill Hader’s Stefon, a character he has written since the beginning, on the latest episode of Saturday Night Live. His short stint as Stefon’s lawyer and conceptual piss artist Shy is now blossoming into a full episode, as Mulaney announced Thursday that he will host SNL for the first time on April 14.

Stefon isn’t Mulaney’s only past connection to the historic sketch show. He spent six seasons as a member of SNL’s writing team, winning a 2011 Emmy for his work, and made appearances during Weekend Update segments. While he was able to craft memorable moments of odd hilarity that broke everyone on the soundstage, Mulaney will get his first chance to show off his all-around chops on SNL. It’s probably going to get real silly, real fast.

Mulaney will host the show with musical guest Jack White on April 14.