Netflix Previews The Break with Michelle Wolf with New Sketch

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Netflix Previews The Break with Michelle Wolf with New Sketch

Ever since her gig at the now-infamous White House Correspondents Dinner in April, Michelle Wolf has been having a moment.

Now, she’s gearing up to make a home on Netflix. Wolf’s new series The Break with Michelle Wolf, which the folks at Netflix are calling a “variety/sketch” show, will premiere on the streaming platform this Sunday, May 27. On Thursday, Netflix shared a preview of the show—a three-minute sketch titled “Featuring a Strong Female Lead”—to tide us over until the weekend. It spoofs Netflix audiences’ supposed longing for programs starring “strong female leads.” Wolf stars in the sketch as an all-business female powerhouse who runs from meeting to meeting in an Olivia Pope-esque white pantsuit (She doesn’t have time to eat! Or sleep!). You can watch the whole clip below.

Rather than give us an entire season of episodes in one swoop, Netflix is taking the network TV route and releasing The Break episodes week-by-week. Starting Sunday, there’ll be a new episode every week, until further notice.

We ranked Wolf’s HBO comedy special Nice Lady as one of the 25 best stand-up specials of 2017. You can also watch the first trailer for The Break with Michelle Wolf right here and see what else is heading to Netflix in June here.

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