MST3K Is Releasing Some Long Out-Of-Print “Lost Episodes”

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MST3K Is Releasing Some Long Out-Of-Print “Lost Episodes”

Shout! Factory has announced the release of MST3K: The Singles Collection, a DVD set of some classic MST3K episodes that have long been out of print. Drawn from episodes released as singles at the beginning of the 2000s, before the chronological box sets from Shout! Factory began, it will serve as a way for certain hardcore fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 to complete long-lost parts of their physical media collection. None of these episodes have part of previous numbered MST3K volumes, and they include several series classics:

The Crawling Hand
The Hellcats
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
I Accuse My Parents
Shorts Volume 3

Each of these episodes features a new intro from series creator Joel Hodgson, who has often cited I Accuse My Parents as one of his personal favorite episodes. Also included are a few special features, such as a featurette on I Accuse My Parents director Sam Newfield, and another on Herbert L. Strock, the director of The Crawling Hand. The “singles collection” is available to pre-order now. Please enjoy Joel introducing I Accuse My Parents during the 2013 MST3K Turkey Day marathon below.

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