The Funniest Mueller Hearing Tweets (Updated)

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The Funniest Mueller Hearing Tweets (Updated)

Robert Mueller, the special counsel of the investigation into Donald Trump’s election campaign and relationship with Russia, is in the hot seat at Congress today. The former FBI director will be getting grilled by both parties over the course of two sessions, one of which has already wrapped up. If all you know about this hearing comes from cable news, you probably think it’s been a disaster for the side hoping to bring Trump to justice; at least that’s how every political pundit on every TV network seems to be spinning it, from the blatantly partisan and pro-Trump Fox News, to the supposedly more centrist and impartial folks at CNN, along with print journalists all the way up to the New York Times. Apparently Mueller reiterating in front of Congress that he was not able to exonerate Trump, that there was evidence of obstruction, that the only reason he didn’t recommend prosecuting the President is because of laws preventing a sitting president from being prosecuted, is all less important than the sleepy, foggy impression Mueller gave off while doing so. Optics are king with the fact-free, surface-level political analysts of today, which is the very reason Trump was able to get elected in the first place. Yes: these people are fools and should be ignored, not just the Hannitys of the world but the Chuck Todds as well.

Don’t let these power-polishing nerds influence you. Instead of watching their coverage and listening to their nonsense, fire up the hearings on C-SPAN and watch ‘em with Twitter open on your device of choice. Not to read what professional political hangers-on have to say about the whole thing, but to read tweets like the ones below, the smart and funny ones that treat Trump, the GOP, and the media that carries their water with the exact level of disrespect they deserve. These tweets are good: dig ‘em.

Updated: Here’s a second round of good tweets from Mueller’s second round of hearings.