Patti Smith Composed an Elegy for Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Comedy Video Patti Smith
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We never would have pegged Patti Smith for an Aqua Teen Hunger Force fan, but it appears she’s as heartbroken over the end of the series as the rest of the show’s fans.

Punk’s priestess and poet laureate wrote and performed an elegy for the long-running, network-defining Adult Swim show, which comes to an end this weekend. The lyrics to Smith’s stark and shockingly emotional ode to Aqua Teen Hunger Force are included below.

In true Aqua Teen fashion, Smith’s tune is brief, with a dash of amusing absurdity, as she apparently can’t be bothered to remember Frylock’s name. All told, the song is a perfect send-off for the series, and a touching tribute from one Paste favorite to another.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s series finale airs this Sunday, Aug. 23 at midnight. Godspeed, Aqua Teens—heroes get remembered, but legends never die.

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