Adult Swim’s Festival Includes a “Musical Ricksperience” With Live Rick and Morty Orchestra

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If you ask us, it sounds like the time to get Schwifty is rapidly approaching. As part of the upcoming Adult Swim Festival at ROW DTLA in L.A., Oct. 5-7, there will be a “Rick and Morty Musical Ricksperience.”

What the hell does that mean? Well, it would seem that the network is putting composer Ryan Elder on stage, the man behind Rick and Morty’s music, along with some special guests, to “bring your favorite Rick and Morty songs to life in melodic harmony in sync with an episode.” Oh, and the performance will be backed by an actual, 37-piece live orchestra, “with trombones and stuff,” as the press release points out.

Obviously, this looks to be one hell of an experience for the Rick and Morty fans in attendance. What will they regale the audience with, exactly? The ultra-long version of “Get Schwifty?” Or perhaps “Doo Doo Butt,” from season 3? We’re hoping for the latter, because it’s especially ridiculous.

As for the rest of the festival, it features more than 42 musical and comedy performers, including the likes of Run the Jewels, Mastodon and Hannibal Buress. Check out the festival website here, and watch the below trailer, which hypes some of the performers—including the Musical Ricksperience.