I Am Sad to Report that Rick and Morty Is Bad Now

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I Am Sad to Report that Rick and Morty Is Bad Now

I am very sad to have to tell you that Rick and Morty, a funny and good show, if not a show as deep as it would like to be, sucks now. I know, I’m sorry. Take a minute if you need a minute.

Here’s what happened, and again, I am so sorry. On Sunday the show’s Twitter account tweeted the following:

Harmless stuff! No complaints from me, says me. Unfortunately, yesterday, Thursday, the day that just happened, things took a turn when tech billionaire and possible vampire Elon Musk logged on to register his thoughts:

First of all, uhhhh, no it wasn’t? It was a totally average Rick and Morty episode soured by the fact it was a finale, and more, the finale to a season for which we waited years, and even more, a finale that reset the Rick and Morty universe to its pre-season three dynamics, an implicit acknowledgement that said dynamics—the paucity of Jerry, the heavy-handed dealing-with-divorce nonsense—bogged down the season and made for several very weak stories. But that’s not why I’m blogging today! I am blogging today to say why, why, why would @RickandMorty do this:

Ahhhhh! Why??? Why do this?? Why do this and not even write the tweet in character? Why!?

Reader, it gets worse.

In case you needed a reminder that most grown men are in fact teenage boys, here it is, here is your reminder in the form of TV’s number one comedy doing “what if my blue is your yellow?” with the guy who could feed everyone in the world but decided to try for a Mars colony instead:

Stop it. Stop it!!

The @RickandMorty account purports to be managed by series creator Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon as well as writers Ryan Ridley and Mike McMahan, at least one of whom is evidently horny for Elon Musk, who in turn is horny for an animated alcoholic grandfather who this season passed out in his own diarrhea. (Also, and I don’t like to do this sort of fanboy purism thing, but, come on, Rick would hate Elon Musk!)

Very bad stuff!!

Seth Simons is Paste’s assistant comedy editor. Follow him on Twitter.

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