The Funniest Tweets About Roger Stone’s Arrest

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The Funniest Tweets About Roger Stone’s Arrest

Update: So the guy who’s actually somehow our president finally responded to Stone’s arrest, and we can now probably do a second entire tweet gallery of people reacting to this:

Original Post:

Earlier today the FBI arrested Roger Stone, the Donald Trump adviser and longtime Republican political operative who’s best known for his Richard Nixon tattoo and for dressing like a Floridian’s idea of a dandified fop. Stone’s been indicted for conspiring with Wikileaks and “senior Trump campaign officials” to release stolen Democratic National Committee emails, as uncovered by Robert Mueller’s investigation.

This isn’t that surprising—Stone’s spent years cultivating an image as being too smart to get arrested for the dirty tricks and shady business he barely tried to hide. You know how newspapers have obituaries on file for major figures before they die, just in case, sometimes so far in advance that the obituary writer dies before the obit can actually be published? I wouldn’t be shocked if newspapers have had “Roger Stone Arrested” articles prepped for years now, just waiting for the lorem ipsum to be filled in with all the details.

As the flashiest and most cartoonish of Trump World denizens (which is REALLY saying a lot), Stone was already a beloved target of both professional and amateur comedians. Yeah, people liked making jokes about Michael Cohen or Paul Manafort or Anthony Scaramucci, but there’s something special about Roger Stone. At some point long ago he decided to turn himself into a permanent joke, a walking, talking, co-conspiring punchline, and embraced it so thoroughly that there’s almost something oddly admirable about it. Here’s a Richard Nixon acolyte who spent much of his public career basically winking at the camera about all the legally dubious stuff he was involved in. Yeah, he’s a terrible person committed to exploiting the American government—up to the point of its own destruction—for his own personal gain, but unlike most Republicans he didn’t do much to hide that.

Given that he was already every comedian’s favorite Trump figure, it’s no surprise that Twitter has been engulfed with Stone jokes. Here are the best of the best. Before we get into ‘em, though, let’s put a special spotlight on this amazing tweet from former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, who apparently lives next door to Stone.

Johnson is a former Dancing With the Stars contestant and guest host of WWE’s Raw, two credits Roger Stone will probably be able to add to his IMDB page within a few years, if he somehow avoids jail time.

Okay, here are the other tweets. They’re good. We promise. We’re pros at this.

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