Saturday Night Live Points Out the Oscars’ Love of White Male Rage Stories

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Saturday Night Live Points Out the Oscars’ Love of White Male Rage Stories

It might be a little hypocritical for Saturday Night Live, a show that’s been overwhelmingly white throughout its 45 years, and that had a reputation for being a sexist frat house off and on throughout that time, to bag on the Oscars for overlooking women and minorities, but that’s exactly what the show did last night during Weekend Update. At least the segment featured Melissa Villaseñor, who gives the observation enough credibility for the whole bit to work. (It helps that they also wrote in a couple more “Colin Jost is obviously racist” jokes for Jost to deliver. I’m easy to please sometimes.)

So yes: the very talented Villaseñor, who usually struggles to get any meaningful airtime on SNL, had a brief showcase during the news segment where she sang songs about some of this year’s Oscars nominees, starting with Joker. The common thread between them is, as Villaseñor helpfully points out, white male rage. From there it becomes a quick, sharp critique of who the Oscars didn’t nominate this year, most notably Greta Gerwig for directing Little Women. I’m sure some creepy dudes who spend too much time in the wrong internet message boards are all “outraged” over what is actually a pretty tame criticism of a hidebound institution worthy of much deeper and far-reaching criticism, but hey, most of them would probably be almost as upset that a woman was allowed to do comedy on TV, period.

Here’s the clip. Check it out, especially if you’re worried about your own white male rage issues.

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