SNL Visits Wakanda's Afterlife in This Black Panther Parody

Comedy Video Saturday Night Live
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Sterling K. Brown, this week’s Saturday Night Live host, was in Black Panther for about five minutes, so obviously the show was going to be doing a parody of Marvel’s billion dollar blockbuster. Surprisingly SNL picked a not-particularly-obvious route, forgoing the superhero action and the physical challenge for the throne that pop ups a few times in the movie, and instead focusing on the scenes where T’Challa basically goes on a vision quest into the afterlife to talk to his deceased dad. And guess what: in a generally pretty good episode, this sketch winds up being generally pretty good. That’s mostly down to Kenan Thompson, who edges out Kate McKinnon as the most consistently entertaining current SNL cast member, and who plays another recognizable goof with too much unearned confidence in this sketch. (He also cracks up Brown and Leslie Jones around the three minute mark.) It’s no masterpiece of comedy writing, but it’s another pleasant showcase for Thompson’s particular talents.

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