Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda Almost Call Trump a "Piece of Shit" on SNL

Comedy Video Saturday Night Live
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Lin-Manuel Miranda, while doing a Hamilton thing during his SNL monologue last night, stopped just short of calling the Republican candidate for president a “piece of shit.” Seeing as how that candidate is still somehow Donald Trump, it’s incredibly hard to argue with Miranda or get upset with him about it. Even the most diehard Trump supporters would probably admit that, deep down, the dude’s basically a huge piece of shit. That’s been the Trump brand for decades now.

This wasn’t an unplanned, spur-of-the-moment thing, of course. It’s a line in Miranda’s monologue, which adapts some Hamilton thing into yet another speech about how it’s a dream come true to host Saturday Night Live. And it’s a little rich for Saturday Night Live to be saying that about Trump today. This, of course, is the show that let Trump host an episode less than a year ago, well after he had already said any number of horribly racist and sexist things. It almost feels a bit like all the Republicans diving off the Trump boat this weekend, after supporting and endorsing him for months. If Trump is a piece of shit, it’d be pretty hard for him to host Saturday Night Live without leaving a foul-smelling brown smell across the floor of Studio 8H.

Anyway, if you missed Miranda’s monologue, check it out above. He Hamiltons the shit out of it.