Listen to an Exclusive Track from Scott Thompson’s New Comedy Album

Comedy Features Scott Thompson
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When we last saw Scott Thompson he was getting ready to reprint his Buddy Cole “autobiography” Buddy Babylon and about to bring his Buddy Cole Monologues stage show to Chicago. That’s a whole lot of Buddy!

As crucial as the Cole character might be to Thompson’s career (and to the history of LGBTQ comedy in general), there’s more to the co-founder of the legendary comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall. Next week you’ll be able to hear a solid 50 minutes of Thompson’s stand-up on his new album Not a Fan, which will be available on July 6 wherever comedy albums can be streamed or downloaded. And although he might not be playing Buddy Cole on it, Thompson’s still as riotous and edgy as ever.

To get you all primed and ready for Not a Fan to drop next week, Paste is sharing an exclusive preview today. On “The Last Phone Booth,” Thompson rhapsodizes that once ubiquitous, now almost vanished bit of technology, which could be almost anything you’d need it to be, from a momentary refuge from the world outside, to a makeshift box for fucking. Listen to “The Last Phone Booth” below, and check out Not a Fan when it comes out through the Comedy Dynamics label on July 6.