We Have a Stephen Colbert Sighting, and He's Writing Music

Comedy Video Stephen Colbert
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Stephen Colbert has spent the last few months gearing up for his Sept. 8 debut as the new host of the Late Show, but that process has largely taken place in private. He tastefully stayed in the shadows while David Letterman conducted his farewell tour, and in fact, it almost seemed like he was in hiding.

But as of now, the short, hermetic existence of Stephen Colbert is over. He’s back, looking quite rumpled in a short video—a teaser of sorts, that shows him sniffing markers and writing a theme song for his show. Bonus points for the to-do list on the whiteboard, which includes “kick oxy” and “GET OXY!” among its items…not to mention “harvest organs from clones.” Take a watch below:

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