Teachers Get the SportsCenter Treatment in Key & Peele

Comedy Video
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Upsetting news broke Saturday that revealed Key & Peele would be coming to a close. This meant that the last eight episodes of this season would be the last. Thankfully, based on a clip shared from tonight’s episode, it looks like these last eight will be ones to remember.

The comedic duo perfectly replicated the sports news program SportsCenter, right down to the ESPN show’s quickfire graphics and luxury car brand sponsor, but turned the focus from star athletes to education’s MVPs: teachers. In “TeachingCenter” on CSEN, teachers are drafted into schools and traded to different states for multi-million dollar contracts. If only actual teachers got this kind of well-deserved attention. Be sure to watch the entire clip, as the fake BMW ad at the end that seems like an actual ad for a BMW is just further proof that Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key continue to be two of the most original, ridiculous and creative people on television.