Michelle Wolf Takes the NRA's "Good Guy with a Gun" to Its Illogical Conclusion

Comedy News The Break with Michelle Wolf
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Michelle Wolf Takes the NRA's "Good Guy with a Gun" to Its Illogical Conclusion

The longer this clip runs the better it gets. The Break with Michelle Wolf, the new-ish Netflix show from the former Daily Show comedian, uses its post-4th of July episode to target the NRA’s dangerous “good guy with a gun” fallacy in this parody of a workplace safety video, and it’s worth watching because it doesn’t stop where you’ll probably expect it to. It carries the joke out to an increasingly absurd extreme, tracking the NRA’s action movie delusions to ever more delusional depths. (Like an action movie would ever win the big awards.) It is absolutely a case of satirizing to the choir—no NRA defender is going to watch this and rethink any aspect of their life—but we’re definitely not above having our political inclinations pandered to here at Paste. Of course it’s depressing that something that seems as sensible as “maybe we shouldn’t treat these murder tools as sacrosanct pillars of our existence” should ever become politically controversial, but c’mon, it’s 2018. Right-wing culture warriors have probably made puppy kisses politically controversial somehow. This is the world we’ve created, and it’s pretty much the world we deserve.

Check out Wolf’s video below, and you can finish up the whole episode when it hits Netflix this Sunday.

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