Adam Conover Advocates for Poisonous Cannibalism in This Trailer for The Rank Room

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Adam Conover Advocates for Poisonous Cannibalism in This Trailer for <i>The Rank Room</i>

If you ever come across the dead body of beloved TV host / professional ruiner Adam Conover, be wary: he might want you to eat it. Resist the urge, though… if you want to live.

In this trailer for The Rank Room, which launches today on CollegeHumor’s streaming service Dropout, Conover and a series of other guests brainstorm the best answers to host Katie Marovich’s hypothetical questions. It has a super professional-looking set, with lighting that changes and everything, and the kind of free-flowing, unscripted environment you find on those comedy panel shows that are always airing in England but that we don’t see a lot of here in the States. Other guests on The Rank Room include Jaboukie Young-White from The Daily Show, Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld from Jake and Amir, and a number of CollegeHumor regulars.

In his episode, Conover is tasked with devising the coolest way to murder somebody. His answer? Well, here’s how he describes it in the episode: “You, the murderer, take a very, very strong poison with, like, a long half life… You somehow trick the person into eating your dead body after you die, and because your flesh is poisoned, they die as a result of eating your poisonous body.”

Check out the trailer below, and catch the rest of The Rank Room over at Dropout.