The Funniest Tweets of the Week

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The Funniest Tweets of the Week

It can be hard to focus on anything right now, given how much turmoil the world is in. Between the climate crisis, the Trump administration’s all-out assault on political and societal norms, and the utterly uninspiring response to that from America’s only other political party of note, you’d be forgiven for tuning everything out and just gorging on 90 Day Fiancé until your power and internet gets shut off. There’s another way to cope with the madness of the world, though—not a healthier way, per se, or are more interesting or entertaining way, but a way, nonetheless, and that’s to just spend all day staring at Twitter. Sometimes it’ll enrage you, sometimes it’ll make you laugh, but mostly it’ll just keep you in this weird state that’s both narcotized and absolutely stressed out—this fragile emotional limbo where every possible feeling blurs together, where everything matters despite absolutely nothing mattering at all. It’s nice!

Here are the funniest tweets from that space over the last week. Dig ‘em and follow the folks who did ‘em.

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