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The Funniest Tweets of the Week

How about this week, huh? Wildfires have turned Oregon and parts of California into frightening climate disasters that look like something from a movie, and at least one of them was caused by a gender reveal party, of all things. (It’s not even the first time a gender reveal party has caused a wildfire.) An event resembling a Kentucky Derby happened four months late. Actor turned MAGA social media asshole James Woods continued to be a MAGA social media asshole. Restaurant chains Fuddrucker’s and Luby’s shut down for good. Oh, and journalist Bob Woodward (probably the only man to ever be played on film by Robert Redford, Will Ferrell and the brilliant character actor J.T. Walsh) released a tape recording of the president acknowledging that he downplayed the severity of the coronavirus in the early days of the pandemic—during the time when a comprehensive, well-coordinated government response could’ve helped contain it and reduce the spread, potentially saving some of the 190,000 lives lost in America to COVID since then. There aren’t really any funny jokes about that last one; I just felt it had to be mentioned in any recap of the week that was, even one as cursory and dimwitted as this one.

Here are some jokes about those other things, though, along with a whole lot else. Read ‘em, like ‘em, follow the people who wrote ‘em, and then get ready for whatever hellish rascality next week will foist upon us.

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