Rediscover The Iliad in Gareth Hinds’s Rousing Illustrated Adaptation

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Rediscover <i>The Iliad</i> in Gareth Hinds&#8217;s Rousing Illustrated Adaptation

Homer’s The Iliad is a foundational work of epic storytelling, charting the nine-year ordeal leading up to, and including, the Trojan War. Taught in classrooms and studied by scholars the world over, The Iliad may be one of the most widely read works of Western literature ever—and this week, readers can experience the saga all over again in a lushly illustrated graphic novel adaptation by cartoonist Gareth Hinds.

Best known for his interpretations of classics like Beowulf, Macbeth, The Odyssey and other entries in the canon of literature, Hinds spent almost three years crafting his version of The Iliad, including detailed notes, maps, a cast of characters and other tools to contextualize the proceedings. Hinds also regularly tours schools to speak to students about his drive to preserve the classics by bringing stories like The Iliad to life in full-color sequential format.

With The Iliad hitting stores and digital retailers this week from publisher Candlewick Press, Paste is thrilled to share an exclusive preview of Hinds’s interior artwork below, in all of its epic—and painstakingly researched—glory.


The Iliad Cover Art by Gareth Hinds

The Iliad Interior Art by Gareth Hinds

The Iliad Interior Art by Gareth Hinds

The Iliad Interior Art by Gareth Hinds

The Iliad Interior Art by Gareth Hinds

THE ILIAD. Copyright © 2019 Gareth Hinds. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Candlewick Press, Somerville, MA.