Infographic: A Beginner’s Guide To Turntables

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There’s no denying vinyl is making a comeback. Since 2008, Vinyl sales have been on the rise and are up 40% compared to where they were this time last year. Earlier this year Jack White even broke a 20 year old vinyl sales record with his action packed album, Lazaretto which sold over 40,000 copies. This comeback is in large part due to Record Store Day, a celebration of independent record stores which features limited edition releases and in-store performances. Started in 2008, RSD has became a nationwide event with stores from all over the country participating. This year’s Record Store Day was hugely successful with stores reporting a 2,042 percent increase in vinyl sales.

So if you were thinking of joining in on the vinyl craze but the endless options (belt drive vs. motor drive, automatic vs manual) and technical jargon ( plinth?, phono what?) have you confused, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We created a handy guide to help you figure all the basics out. From the anatomy of the turntable to the sound system we’ve broken it all down for you and included some helpful tips.

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