Eat Your Veggies (While Drinking Beer)

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Pizza and beer makes sense. Burgers and beer is a natural fit. French fries, peanuts, Oreo Cookies and beer (trust me)…all great food/beer pairings. But spinach and beer? The last thing I usually want to reach for when I’m knocking back a few beers is a veggie tray, but the folks at Let’s Grab a Beer have worked up a snazzy infographic that explains how certain veggies are soul mates with certain beers, so that you can use beer as your guide through your local farmers market. Because this National Farmers Market Week starts this Sunday. I know; these fake food holidays are getting ridiculous. But if I can use eating vegetables as an excuse to drink more beer, I’m all for it.

Check out the pairings below.

farm beer info.jpg

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