Fresh Batch: A Six Pack of New Spring Beers

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The trees are leafing out, tulips are blooming, meatheads are wearing tank tops…ladies and gentlemen, Spring has sprung. With this in mind, we bring you a six pack of fresh Spring beers to help you celebrate the warmer temps.

Kirsch Gose

Victory Brewing
victory kirsch gose.jpg
This is Victory’s first foray into the ancient style of Gose, a super tart sour that’s known for its saltiness. Kirsch is a cherry Gose, promising plenty of fruit character to balance out everything else that goes on in this esoteric style. As far as I’m concerned, every time a Gose is brewed, an angel gets its wings. Look for it in 12-ounce bottles throughout Spring.


Jester King
jester king equipoise.png
The Austin, Texas beer powerhouse is getting a bit weird with this farmhouse ale, using ginger salt and tarragon in the brew, then re-fermenting the beer with cantaloupe. The whole idea here was to build a beer that would compliment the culinary stylings of Austin chef Paul Qui. Jester King is calling it a beer that’s “subtle, balanced [and] won’t overwhelm the palate.” Personally, I’m just digging that label. What the hell is that thing? Jester King released Equipoise last week, and is limiting one bottle per person per day. We suggest wearing disguises and making multiple trips to the brewery.

Three Eyed Raven

ommegang three eyed.jpg
You read the review, now you can actually drink the beer yourself. Ommegang has finally released its latest Game of Thrones inspired beer, a dark saison that plays off the bird seen in Bran’s dreams. Thrones returns April 12th. If you’re a fan, you’re basically obligated to drink this beer on that night.

Emergency Drinking Beer

Wild Heaven Craft Beers
Georgia-based Wild Heaven doesn’t have a huge distribution footprint, so you might have a hard time finding this one. But I’m psyched to tell the world about this beer because of the name alone. Emergency Drinking Beer. Brilliant. Naturally, this is an easy drinking pilsner. You know, for emergencies. They’re releasing it on draft in Atlanta now, and hoping to can it by the summer.

Breck IPA

Breckenridge Brewery
breck ipa.png
Does the world need another IPA? Um, hell yeah. Breckenridge Brewery calls this a “Colorado-style IPA,” that uses Mosaic and Cascade hops and a new malt called “Full Pint” that’s grown in the Rocky Mountains. The beer hits the market this week and will be available year-round.

Tasty Waves Pale Ale

Half Acre
half acre tasty waves.jpg
Chicago-favorite Half Acre is pulling this pale ale out of the vault. The last time they brewed Tasty Waves was four years ago. It’s a summer session ale that clocks in at a humble 5% ABV. Supposedly, it’s perfect for digging your toes into the sands of the Great Lakes. Look for it in 22-ounce bombers starting this weekend.