Genius (Mad?) Scientists Turn Pee Into Beer

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A team of scientists at Ghent University have created a solar-powered machine that turns urine into potable water that can then be used to brew beer. In theory, you could use this water simply as drinking water, which could have huge implications in developing countries, but we’re more interested in this whole “urine to beer” thing. Plenty of communities treat and re-purpose wastewater, but according to the scientists involved, this new machine is more energy efficient and can be used where there aren’t power sources.

Basically, it’s a very fancy sola powered boiler and filtration system. The developers tested the system out at a 10-day music festival, retrieving 1,000 liters of urine from festival goers, which will now be used to brew beer. They’re calling it “Sewer to Brewer.” It even has its own hashtag: #peeforscience.

The question is, would you drink pee beer? And what would you call it? Sewer to Brewer is fine, but what about, “Wash Your Hands IPA?” Or “Port-a-Pot Porter?” Or “Does This Lager Taste Like Piss?” “Manneken Pis Pilsner?”

The possibilities are endless, and while I applaud the science and ingenuity behind this invention, it’s obvious that the real work of naming beers from urine is yet to be done.