10 Facts To Make You Sound Like A Wine Snob This Summer, Courtesy of Martha Stewart

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10 Facts To Make You Sound Like A Wine Snob This Summer, Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Wine is an alcohol that most of us drink, but also don’t know a ton about. Wine is exceptionally complex, and learning everything there is to know about it can literally take a lifetime.

Martha Stewart recently launched Martha Stewart Wine Company, a collection of wines that are sourced from around the world and curated so everyone from wine enthusiasts to wine newbies can find something they enjoy.

If your own personal wine knowledge falls more into the newbie category than it does the expert one, Martha also sent over a handful of wine facts that you can use to dazzle your friends.

1) One glass of wine is equivalent to a cluster of anywhere from 70-100 grapes.

2) There are approximately 30 types of wine glasses designed to accentuate the aromas and flavors of different wines. 

3) The town of Caldari de Ortona, Italy features a wine fountain that provides free wine… 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

4) Contrary to popular belief, nine out of ten wines produced today are best consumed within their first year.

5) It takes five years before newly planted vines grow their first harvest.

6) Wine grapes ferment without the addition of any other elements due to their natural chemical balance.

7) The shape of the wine bottle usually represents a tradition/ history tied to the region it’s from/ grape used. 

8) The most expensive bottle of wine ever is a Cabernet Sauvignon from California which sold for $350,000.

9) George Calvert was the first to plant grapes in the now famous wine region of Napa in 1839.

10) Cabernet Sauvignon is a relatively new invention by wine standards created in 17th century France (crossing Cabernet Franc with Sauvignon Blanc).

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