Top 10 Beer Drinking Countries in the World

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The United States may be leading the world in the craft beer revolution, but we’re not leading the world when it comes to beer consumption. According to a study published in The Independent, China drinks the most beer of any country in the world, but only because of the country’s massive population. The country that drinks the most beer per capita? That honor goes to the Czech Republic, where citizens average 143 liters of beer a year per person. Germany comes in second with 110 liters per person.

And what kind of beer are Czechs drinking? The most popular brands in the Eastern European country are Pilsner Urquell and Budvar, which as you might guess, is a Budweiser lager.

Here are the top 10 beer drinking countries in the world, according to the Euromonitor.
beer countries.png
Data is from the Euromonitor via The Telegraph

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