Why a "Tequila and Tonic" Should Be Your Next Go-To Cocktail

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Why a "Tequila and Tonic" Should Be Your Next Go-To Cocktail

If you’ve been to a cocktail bar this year you’ve probably seen more than your fair share of whiskey highballs on the menu. Whiskey highballs, which is a simple combo of whiskey and ginger ale or tonic, are seeing a bit of a resurgence this year, at least in California. The drink has always been around, of course, but I’ve seen a huge uptick in people reaching for one at the bar.

One thing that might come soon: tequila and tonics.

I developed a huge appreciation for aged tequila earlier this year on a trip to Mexico. I visited nine distilleries over the course of the week and left sipping on Anejo tequila just like I might a whiskey.

And now Fever Tree has a tonic made especially for tequila. Fever Tree Citrus tonic officially started rolling out a few months ago in stores. The tonic water was made in partnership with the tequila brand Patrón and is designed specifically to be used in tequila and tonics.

Yes, a tequila and tonic is a thing. And I’m here to tell you that you want one.

Fever Tree describes the tonic as “a beautifully balanced blend of specially sourced citrus, including Mexican limes, tangerines and bitter orange.” The key limes and Tahitian limes used in the tonic are from Colima and Michoacán and the tangerines are from Veracruz. The bitter orange in the blend comes from Yucatán.

“We are most excited about this collaboration. Fever-Tree and Patrón share the values of providing consumers authenticity, flavor and substance,” says Charles Gibb, Fever-Tree North American CEO. “In addition, sourcing absolute top quality ingredients drives both brands. When we developed our Citrus Tonic, we scoured Mexico to identify the most dedicated producers of exceptional citrus fruits. This enabled us to create a mixer that  complements and enhances Patrón Tequila’s stellar flavor profile.”

I gave the tonic a try with a few different tequilas I had on hand and was pretty impressed with the idea. The tonic water pairs great, especially with Reposado tequila, and creates a tequila drink that’s refreshing and easy to make, but not sugary like a margarita (my go-to tequila cocktail).

I really enjoyed the cocktail as a late-night apertif, but I can see this one killing it come summer time.