Plant-Based Burger Rolling Out to Whole Foods Stores

Food News
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You may be seeing plant-based “meat” sitting next to ribeyes and chicken breasts in grocery stores very soon.

The Beyond Burger, a pea-protein-based patty from Beyond Meat that is the first vegan burger to “bleed,” will roll out across Whole Foods stores in early fall after successful trial runs in Colorado and Virginia, according to FoodNavigator-USA. In fact, the Beyond Burger sold out in an hour at the store’s Colorado location when it first debuted. The product will be available nationwide by the end of the year.

Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown told FoodNavigator-USA that the goal has always been to get the product into the meat case, where there is more traffic as compared to the frozen vegetarian section.

The Beyond Meat brand is sold in 11,000 stores and also includes products such as single-serve meals, Beyond Chicken strips, and Beyond Beef crumbles.