This Retro Console Lets You Play Any SNES Game in HD

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This Retro Console Lets You Play Any SNES Game in HD

Looking for one of those SNES Classic Editions that everybody’s all so hepped up about, but maybe a little bummed that it only comes with 21 games? Still have a stack of old SNES carts that you’d like to play in full HD? Here’s a little box you might want to scoop up for your entertainment needs. Analogue, the retro console company who released the superb Analogue NT NES recreation in 2015 (check out our 2015 videogame gift guide for more thoughts on that one), is doing it again with the Super Nintendo. The Analogue Super NT is up for preorder today and will be shipping in February.

Analogue doesn’t make emulators. They put the actual hardware in their slickly designed, hefty little boxes, upgraded with full 1080p HD output, letting you play the actual cartridges from the SNES and Super Famicom on your big fancy TV. It’s also compatible with the original controllers and peripherals. It isn’t necessarily a bargain—it’s $189.99, and any games you get for it will cost extra on eBay or at retro game stores—but if it’s as well-manufactured as the Analogue NT it’ll be a sturdy box with a beautiful profile and a sleek case that’s almost like a minimalist art piece in your entertainment center. The Super NT also comes with a wireless controller, with extra ones available individually for $39.99. And there are four different designs, depending on your tastes. One resembles the original US SNES, another the Japanese Super Famicom, a third is a stylish little black number, and the fourth has a transparent shell. You can see them all below.

2-Super Nt Black.jpg

3-Super Nt Classic.jpg

4-Super Nt SF.jpg

5-Super Nt Transparant.jpg

3-Super Nt Box.jpg