Animal Crossing: New Leaf Getting Amiibo Support in an Update this Fall

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf is getting a new update this fall, a full four years after its initial release. After last year’s spinoffs that incorporated Amiibos, the last flagship Animal Crossing game will now support Nintendo’s character-themed figures and cards. Amiibo figures and cards will bring new decorations and clothing items to Animal Crossing: New Leaf based off their respective games.

We loved Animal Crossing: New Leaf when it released, so it’s nice to have an excuse to go back to this gem. With this update, players will be able to decorate their homes and wear outfits based on Nintendo games including Splatoon, Super Mario 3D World and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

Nintendo has also released a bevy of Amiibos based on Animal Crossing characters, so it’s not entirely clear how those will interact with Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

This news comes from Animal Crossing’s Japanese site, and the update is slated for release this fall in Japan. No word yet on a Western release, but it seems inevitable assuming Nintendo wants to sell Amiibos.

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